Dodge diesel Check Engine Light with a P0216 Fault Code!

diesel _fuel_system When your Dodge diesel check engine light comes on in your 2001 truck with this fault code, the last thing you need is to panic. When that dash panel light happens, it is actually a good indication that your engine computer system is working and warning you that:

  • Diesel engine fuel circuit fault and this P0216 code means fuel injection timing malfunction
  • The best way to test a Dodge diesel check engine light is to reset the code by disconnecting the battery terminal connections or finding the engine computer fuse and disconnecting it . You will need to wait 1-3 minutes and then you can reconnect either the battery terminals or ecm fuse. If the check engine light comes back after road testing the vehicle, it means a fuel system failure is indeed evident and you must verify the source of the code.

    If you are thinking of checking or testing the fuel injection system, forget about it because it will overwhelm you with lots of information. the quickest way to find the fix for this code is to get the common fix for this P0216 code. By common fix is why not find out what garages are doing when they see this code.

    Here are some suggested common tests which are compiled by ATS:

    1.) Re-scan the fault code and verify static code P0216 and do a freeze frame test and record the data recorded in the scanner. When checking the static codes, find out if you have other codes such as P1287 (low fuel voltage supply on the fuel injection pump controller). Check also if you have a P1690 code which is fuel injection pump crank and cam sensor circuit fault code. If both these codes are present, perform a verification test for their respective circuits.

    2.) Perform a fuel injection pump timing and alignment tests of the fuel injection pump drive gears.

    3.) Perform a fuel pressure drop test across the fuel filter and repair for any presence of fuel restrictions.

    4.) Perform a fuel pump inlet restrictions and replace the fuel injection pump if the restrictions are OK as per specs. Otherwise, repair the fuel inlet restrictions if the restrictions are beyond specifications.

    ATS Tips:

    Before repairing this Dodge diesel check engine light with code P0216, check the service bulletins for proper manufacturer procedures. From same garages inputs on this fault code, sometimes the fuel injection pump replacement will be covered by the vehicle warranty. Please check with ATS for more details or leave your comments at the comment box below.

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