Car Injector Code P0205 Fix

injector wirings When scanning car injector code P0205 as a result of flashing light in your dash panel, it means the injector cylinder #5 circuit malfunction. Basically, each injector has 2 wiring terminals; namely the 12 volts power source and the ground wire supply. The power source can come from a fuse or power relay whose voltage remains uninterrupted. However, the ground supply is almost always supplied by the engine computer (ecm) which acts as a “trigger” or signal every time the injectors are activated. When any of these 2 wires are shorted by poor insulation; open or if the wires are cut; this P0205 fault code will come. Aside from the mil light coming on, other engine symptoms could be misfiring, cutting off and hesitation.

When testing car injector code P0205, the first thing to do is to check the wiring harness leading to the injector circuits. This is important specially if the harness wires are exposed to heat, oil and bad routing. On some Asian car models, this problem is so common that the injector wiring harness are replaced regularly by the dealer whenever this P0205 code appears. On the other hand, domestic engines will cause this code when there is failure in the tps sensor. This is evident if the symptom is accompanied by hesitation and could be tested by wiggling the tps wires during idle and the bad symptom will re-appear. When confirmed, this problem is fixed by replacing the tps sensor.

If after doing all of these recommended repairs and the fault code re-appears, it is possible that the ecm itself is at fault. This can be checked by testing the ecm terminal pins for battery and ground supply. When performing all these tests, it is assumed also that the injectors are tested for correct resistance and basic tune up check ups done.

Car Injector code P0205 Tips:

When you suspect that the engine computer (ecm) is also defective, you can test it quickly by tapping the ecm housing while the engine is idling. If the engine suddenly quit, there is a good chance the ecm is really defective.

Examples of car injector code P0205 Fixes:

1.) For 2003 Ford vehicles with P0205 code, double check the injector resistances and fuel spray pressures of each injectors. If one of them is different, it would also cause a misfire code. You can check the wirings of the specific injector affected and if both the injectors and wires are OK, the engine computer (ecm) driver is the culprit. When replacing the ecm, make sure yo have it reprogrammed.


The injector wires can be tested using a wiggle test while engine is running. Sometimes, this is the quickest way to check the injector wire integrity.

If you ask Ford dealers, sometimes ecm are covered by 80K kms emission warranty. This can be verified if you give them the serial number of the vehicle. If you have to buy the injectors yourself, never use an after market injectors.

2.) For GM 2003 vehicles with P0205 code affecting mostly the trucks, it is can traced on mostly injector wiring issues. A lot of times, it is better to put new wiring harness for the injectors if the injector wire’s integrity is a suspect.

3.) On most 2003 and earlier model vehicles for Imports, this P0205 code is not much of a problem except a few Asian imports which could be traced to injector wires. On pre 2003 Chrysler vehicles, this P0205 code is fixed by verifying the injector wires and tps sensor.

If you need more assistance on car injector code P0205 fixes suggested above, please contact ATS.

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