Honda Accord Check Engine Light Code 15…Here Is The Fix!

Honda_distributor Honda accord check engine light codes question:

Regarding this Honda accord check engine light code 15 which I have on this 1993 vehicle with intermittent check engine light coming on is very difficult. When I got the fault code 15, it points to a defective ignition output signal. This code is also accompanied by occasional engine stalling. I have a neighbor mechanic who works from Honda dealership and he advised me to replace the distributor. When I did, U tried using a remanufactured distributor assembly from a local parts store. However, this did not fix the problem and I am now thinking if my engine computer needs replacing too. Is this feasible? This Honda engine computer is a bit pricey and I want to be sure.

Honda accord check engine light codes ATS Fixes:

To fix this Honda accord check engine light code 15, please remember that Honda engine computer has a low rate of failure unless it is caused by human error like accidental shorting of engine computer wires. In this case, I would ask you to return your remanufactured distributor and get one from Honda parts instead. If not, try testing the module or igniter for voltage supply and test the negative side of the ignition coil for dwell while cranking. The latter test can also be verified using a test light and see if it will blink during cranking. Otherwise, the ignition coil itself is good and you need to replace the igniter only. However, incase you not have the proper tools to do this, just buy the complete distributor assembly to avoid the hassle.

ATS Tips:

This assumes all the ground wires are thoroughly inspected especially at thermostat housing. If possible, check also the operation of the main relay which is also a common culprit for this Honda accord check engine light code 15. If you are an ATS member, we can supply you with all the Honda wiring diagrams and diagnostic procedures so you can avoid replacing unnecessary parts. Please leave your comments on the space provided below.


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