Getting Chrysler Fault Codes

ignition keyGetting Chrysler fault codes is something easy to do if you have a scanner. However, I would like to touch on this subject because yesterday, I read from one of the automotive forums that you don’t need a scanner to get the fault codes on Chrysler vehicles. According to the forum poster, all you need to do is use the ignition key. And as he described it, you are supposed to turn the key on and off every 5 seconds and if you do it for like 4-5 times and leave the key on engine off position…the code will start flashing in your dash.

I am supposed to know this because over the years, I have helped in getting Chrysler fault codes from my ATS customers. From my experience, this method is only applicable to obd1 diagnostic system which are used on vehicles made before 1995-1996. Actually, it is 1995 but I know some ATS members who have used it on 1996 vehicles and it seems to work. However, what I saw in the forum post was applied on a T&C 2005 car and I was surprised that this old method was still applicable on a newer vehicle models.

To resolve this getting Chrysler fault codes issue, I made a search on the 2005 T&C database and this is what I found:

Beginning on 2002 models, Chrysler introduced the In Field mode diagnostic system. It’s a little bit the same as in the old obd1 diagnostic method of using the ignition key. However, these are the main differences:

You turn the key on with engine off but you wait for 15 seconds instead of the previous 5 seconds and you only need to do it once and…the engine computer has 2 programmed reactions:

  • It will stay on if there is no fault code and will remain on until the engine is cranked.
  • It will begin flashing the code within 5 seconds if there is any fault codes.
  • Great!

    So, I guess the forum poster was correct in being so jubilant in getting the codes after he did this newer system of getting Chrysler fault codes. By the way, the old style of turning the key on and off every 5 seconds for about 4-5 times and leaving the ignition key on engine off position is called the “in plant mode” which were used on vehicles made before 1995. I hope you will take advantage of this info because it means, you don’t need a scanner in getting Chrysler fault codes but remember, it is applicable only on vehicles made after 2002. If you have a Chrysler vehicles made after 2005, please let me know so I can search it for you.



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