Nissan Power Window Switch Problems Are Easy!

Nissan power window Fixing Nissan power window switch problems starts by tracing the complete power window circuit. The master switch itself is controlled directly by the vehicle body computer module (BCM). Both power and ground signals are supplied internally by the BCM. The master switch has its own central processing unit (cpu) which activates the power window motor. The serial data link between the BCM and the switch cpu enable the master switch to operate the window motor.

One feature included in the power window motor is a reset button. This is required in case the window automatic function will not stop in proper position. In one example I have seen, when the auto up button was applied, the window stopped 6 inches from the top. When this happens, the window panel has to be removed to access the window motor. Once the power window motor is located, remove the taped covering of the reset button on the motor housing.

Here are the Nissan power window motor resetting procedures:

Close the door window completely using the manual switch button
Then press the reset switch at the window motor and open the door window completely
The reset switch can be release after making sure it has returned to its original position. The the window can then be close.
The window motor limiter switch has been set

The power window switch does not need reprogramming but the motor limit switch has to be reset as indicated above. The power window circuit described here are used on Nissan 2004 and up models. On earlier models 2000-2003, the BCM was called by another name as “smart entrance control unit”. This unit was exactly the same as BCM except it was accompanied by a remote power relay to distribute power to the power window switches.

Nissan power window switch problems TIPS:

When troubleshooting Nissan power window switch problems, use a scanner to find the fault code.

When testing for open or short for Nissan computer modules such as BCM and window cpu, do not feed ground to any circuit unless given in the instruction manuals. Always use a digital voltmeter with high impedance when testing any circuit wire. This is particularly important when there is a relay being controlled by the computer such as the smart entrance module on earlier models.



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